Solución toop le TPTO Chelsea

le Chelsea P.T.O. Táan meenta'an yéetel betabi' utia'al u satisfacer le demandas robustas ti' le industria nu'ukulo'ob móviles. Continúe xookik tia'al a'alajil t'aan yo'osal diagnósticos utia'al u kajtalo'ob ichil u solución toop TTO. Wa k'áabet asistencia adicional, t'anik k ti' le 877-776-4600 o 407-872-1901, utia'al u tsikbal yéetel juntúul experto ti' le PTO Chelsea.

Tech u yil le ba'ala' A'alajil t'aan ti' solución toop u TTO ti' formato PDF beetik clic waye'.

Bey xan u yil k selección ti' Nu'ukulo'ob u páajtal a Chelsea PTO xíinbal k linki abas kaambal u nu'ukulo'ob.

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Solución toop TTO - instalación inadecuada yéetel u abuso u operador le le noj bejo' causa falla le TPT

Chelsea P.T.O.s are designed and built to match a vehicle’s transmission. The gears of a P.T.O. are of the same quality as the transmission’s gears. Le funcionamiento exitoso yaantal yo'osal le especificación yéetel u le instalación ti'alo'ob. Always consult your Chelsea Applications Guide and Installation Manual when working with Chelsea P.T.O.s. Beet le ba'ala' evitará jump'éel P.T.O grave. Toop.

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Solución toop u PTO ti' le vehículo:


Solución toop PDF

Le yáax kúuchil utia'al u kaxant le solucionar toop juntúul P.T.O. fallo táan kajnáalo'ob yo'olal.
Juntúul fallo repetido wa prematuro u páajtal u jump'éel signo jump'éel solicitud incorrecta.
Le je'ela' ku páajtal descubrir yo'osal u búukinta'al u
Catálogo aplicaciones HY25-3000 leti'e' EE. UU..

Wa u P.T.O. ku especificó belil ka ts'o'okole' falló prematuramente, Yaan ka'ap'éel tsa'ayal probables:

  1. Instalación incorrecta yo'osal u chíikpajal ba'ax búukinta'al u indebido le operador.
  2. Juntúul P.T.O instalado incorrectamente. normalmente je'el u páajtal u identificado inmediatamente tumen u juum (Juum) ku beetik u.
    • U "Whine" ,"Clatter", "Click" wa "Grind"
    • U Óoxten, le vehículo ti' yan u contribuir yéetel suficiente juum utia'al enmascarar u juum le P.T.O. yéetel juntúule' je'el ma' notar le talamilo'

Wa ku Cha' u jump'éel talamil continúe, tu p'ataji' ti' le P.T.O.. resultará.

Tipos u juum:

Establecer retroceso engranajes min. Utia'al .006 – .012.

  • Quejar u – Jach apretado
  • Juum – Jach suelto
    Juum solución toop PTO
  • Clicking or Grinding
    Solución toop ti' clic wa molienda

Fugas – Root Cause of the Leakage

Roscas u stud

  1. Xanab u inadecuado le sujetadores
  2. Instalación incorrecta u Stud
  3. Instalación juntas


  1. Wa u yaantal yilik
  2. Sellos desgastados
Fuga junta TP

Solución toop ti' le TP ti' yo'osal u meyaj:

Rendimiento – Taalamil & Tsa'ayal

P.T.O. Meyajo'ob – Hydraulic System

  • Meyajo'ob errática
  • Chich k'eexpajal
  • A puulkaba ichil paach Gear

Artículos u examinar ti' le banco meyajDiagrama le TPTO

  • Vivienda
  • Engranajes
  • Chumbesajil
  • Rodamientos
  • Cambiadores
  • Embragues

Tu p'ataji' ti' le vivienda

Juntúul le talamilo'ob asab graves ti' jump'éel P.T.O. Je'el u páajtal u muk'yaj le jump'éel óoltaj agrietado. Táan a u conducir le asab tsaats yéetel eventual falla yaantal.
Jayp'éel tsa'ayal le:

  • Instalación incorrecta
  • Pernos k'aas atornillados
  • Bomba montaje beetaj ich u ma' compatible
  • Meentiko'ob extraños mallando ichil kojo'ob le engranaje
  • Kuuch choque grave
  • Loxikaba'ex obstáculos ti' le bejo'
  • Hilos dañados
PTO with cracked case
PTO with damaged threads

Tu p'ataji' ti' le engranaje

PTO gear damage generally takes place in the tooth or spline. The first parts to inspect should be the gears. Compruebe le superficie kojo'ob le engranaje kaxt bix picadura. Once pitting of the gear surfaces has begun, there is nothing that can stop it. Another possible problem during vehicle operation is “shock load”. Deep Mesh Pattern Caused by Improper Backlash Adjustment. Worn PTO gears can easily be affected by “shock load”. Wa descuida reemplazar engranajes u usan, yéetel le páajtal conducir ti' u kojo'ob engranaje baakoobo'. Sometimes a gear will chip a tooth because of mishandling or improper shifting. Undershifting allows incomplete gear tooth contact with the driver gear. Lela' u k'áat u ya'al u chéen jump'éel nu'ukulil le anchura koj táan transmitiendo le xanab yéetel R.P.M. ti' P.T.O. Meyajo'ob.

Señales picadura u engranajes le TP

Compruebe le superficie kojo'ob le engranaje kaxt bix picadura.

Loob ti' le engranaje kuuch choque le TP

Pto “kuuch choque” loob le nu'ukulil

u engranajes u TP baakoobo' kojo'ob

U engranaje Jaatal kojo'ob

koj engranaje le TTO astillado

U engranaje salteado kojo'ob

Máax ku dental incompleto u engranaje le TPTO

Máax ku incompleto koj le engranaje

Loob ti' le bak'pach

PTO torsional overload

P.T.O. chumbesajil xan ku vulnerables ti' le abuso operativo, sobrecarga torsional, fallo flexión le fatiga.

PTO output shaft keyway

Ti' le inspeccionar jump'éel P.T.O. bak'pach salida, Mantats' inspeccionar le wach'ebo'.

Le loob ti' le bak'pach u TDF u ocurrir sobrecargas u yutsil meyáajtiko'ob incorrectas yéetel kuuch choque.

damaged PTO shafts

Fretting corrosion is another type of damage your PTO shafts can experience. It appears as a rusting and wearing of the pump shaft splines. Fretting corrosion is caused by many factors and without proper maintenance, the anti-fretting grease can only reduce, but not eliminate, its effect on components.

fretting corrosion PTO fretting corrosion

Shifting Problems

PTO shifting problems
If you experience that your P.T.O. is hard to shift, remember, a lever-operated shift linkage should not be connected to a wire shift cover. The mechanical advantage of the lever is often too great for the wire shift cover and could severely damage it. Also inversely, don’t use a cable with a lever shift cover. The cable isn’t capable of transmitting the force necessary to shift a lever mechanism.

PTO improper shifting

Most shifting complaints are caused by improper shifting procedure or incorrect linkage installation.

PTO elongated shifter poppet hole

Shifting problems can also be caused by a worn or elongated shifter poppet hole.

PTO seals and o-rings

Seals and O-Rings may cause special problems in P.T.O. operations.

clutch operated PTO troubleshooting

Remember, when troubleshooting any clutch-operated P.T.O., carefully inspect all components for wear or damage. Burnt clutch plates, welded clutch pack, or a burnt driving hub are three easily identifiable conditions that lend themselves to failure analysis.

PTO erratic clutch operation

A sure sign of potential trouble with a clutch operated P.T.O. is erratic operation.

le 3 most common complaints:


Listen carefully for a whine or high pitched sound. This could indicate issues with the gears being too tight, bearings or hydraulics. A rattle could indicate issues with the gears too loose or torsional vibrations.

Engagement Problems

Powershift PTO engagement problems could be from blocked hoses or fittings, bad connections or ground or the solenoid. Mechanical PTO engagement problems could originate from low air pressure, improper cable installation or back lash too tight.

Disengagement Problems

Experiencing disengagement problems with powershift PTOs could indicate issues with blocked hoses or fittings, frozen clutch pack or the solenoid.


Prevention is the best cure for P.T.O. case damage. Always torque the P.T.O. flange bolts in sequence and the proper specifications
Also, be sure to check the weight of the direct mount pump and, if it is over forty pounds, make a support bracket for it.

PTO direct mount pump brackets
PTO direct mount pump support

Chelsea strongly recommends the use of pump supports (Support Brackets) in all applications. Also remember to pack the female pilot of the PTO pump shaft with grease before installing the pump on the PTO.

Chelsea PTOs are designed and built to match a vehicle’s transmission, the gears of a PTO are of the same quality as the transmission’s gears. Le funcionamiento exitoso yaantal yo'osal le especificación yéetel u le instalación ti'alo'ob.